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The Dartmouth-Montshire Institute
for Science Education

Dartmouth College and the Montshire Museum of Science share a strong commitment to enhance the quality of science education in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Scientists at the college, working in many different disciplines, are continuously developing research programs of broad significance. The Montshire is nationally recognized for its expertise in science education for teachers, students in grades kindergarten through 12, and Upper Valley citizens, with a special emphasis on the challenges inherent in providing science education in rural communities.

The Dartmouth-Montshire Institute for Science Education recognizes the value of integrating the resources of these two leading institutions to better serve the educational needs of the bi-state region.

Informal collaborations between the two institutions began in 1976. In 2002 Dartmouth provost Barry Scherr and Montshire director David Goudy announced a formal agreement to create the Institute. Activities of the Institute are directed by a governing committee composed of two representatives from each institution.

The Institute:

  • Provides a forum for discussions with local K-12 educators exploring how Institute programs might best serve their science education objectives;

  • Provides a forum for discussions among interested Dartmouth and Montshire faculty and staff exploring strategies for broad community science education outreach;

  • Coordinates the joint projects and initiatives of Dartmouth and the Montshire in a manner that ensures maximum cohesiveness, efficiency, and effectiveness;

  • Provides a coordinated approach for the two institutions to seek funding for collaborative efforts, which serve the regional audience and develop educational models of national significance.

Members of the governing body representing the two institutions are:

Brian Chaboyer, Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Dartmouth College

Marcos Stafne, Director
Montshire Museum of Science

Gregory DeFrancis, Director of Education
Montshire Museum of Science

Mary Lou Guerinot, Professor of Biological Sciences
Dartmouth College

Brian Chaboyer
marcos stafne
Marcos Stafne
Greg DeFrancis
Mary Lou Guerinot



Dartmouth-Montshire Institute for Science Education