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Experimenting with Plants: Science Investigation Curriculum
for Middle School Students

This project creates a community outreach component to Dr. Schaller's current research supported by the National Science Foundation. The project builds on another Dartmouth-Montshire Institute curriculum program, Environmental Detectives by expanding the repertoire of student investigations to include plant activities. Students conduct investigations that parallel the research process of Dr. Schaller's lab as they engage in designing bioassays for the effects of common chemicals on the germination and growth of plants. The project includes curricular support and professional development for participating teachers and features opportunities for direct interaction between the middle school teachers, their students, and scientists in Dr. Schaller's lab.

Project Principals:

Scientific P.I.: G. Eric Schaller
Associate Professor of Biology, Dartmouth College
Schaller research website

Education Outreach P.I.: Greg DeFrancis
Director of Education, Montshire Museum of Science

Program Manager: Rachel Donegan
Montshire science educator

Project dates:

9/1/06 - 8/31/10

Project funding:

Source: National Science Foundation
Grant Recipient: Dartmouth College/Eric Schaller

Project budget:

$107,000 (over 5 years)

For project information, contact one of the project principals.


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